Martil City

Martil urban commune covers an area of 33.50 km². Its scope has expanded significantly in 1992 through the integration of the tourist village Cabo Negro and the south slope of the hill Taïfor, golf and tourist area as well and farmland in the west to the road of Ceuta.

The municipality is limited the sea to the east, the municipalities of Mdiq and Tetouan, rural communes and El Malalyienne Azla. Its territory includes the city of Martil, an important tourist village (Cabo Negro) and small towns (Foum El Oullek, Mahjour, Souani). The topography is characterized by two distinct units: the plain of Martil a thousand hectares, almost entirely at sea level, and the hills Kodiat Taifor with 25-30% slopes, and a peak at 332m .

The contact with the sea is composed of cliffs or long and wide sandy beaches. Climate, under the double maritime influence of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is characterized by mild sunny summers, wet winters and temperate enough frequent winds (especially the Chergui or east wind). The temperature varies between 25 and 10c, and the average rainfall is 760 mm per year.